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Statement from Summerside Area Baseball Association regarding the status of Bantam “AA”

After an extensive promotion of registration for the 2019 season, SABA saw low numbers for 15U registration. Once it was clear during Bantam “AAA” tryouts that we were unable to recruit more players to come play at the 15U level, we then turned to our potential options.

SABA reached out to neighboring associations including Western, Kensington, Bedeque and Cornwall on multiple occasions to try and find a solution to the problem of not having enough kids for three (3) 15U teams but a more than the ideal number for two (2) teams.

Unfortunately, registration numbers in associations across the island at the 15U level were also not ideal. Our neighboring associations were unable to take in any of our players or transfer any of their players to our association.

Basically, we have explored and exhausted all our options. Usually, when we or other associations hit tough registration numbers in a specific division it’s a simple transfer from one association to another to shuffle the numbers and everyone’s happy. Unfortunately, due to other association numbers not having much room to play with, we were unable to do so this go around.

– Tanner Doiron, President & General Manager of SABA

Furthermore, SABA noted 18 players at the 15U level remaining following “AAA” cuts. All of those 18 players will be offered a spot on the Bantam “AA” Chevys for the 2019 season. Unfortunately, due to timing with how long it took for us to expand on all of the potential scenarios, we had to give the “AAA” team direction before their league meetings and team registration deadlines, hence why we were not of interest to force more than a 12 player roster onto them without knowing the outcomes of our other pending options.

If for any reason the below names are not interested in playing at the “AA” level or no longer wish to play this season they have until Wednesday to be granted a full refund. There will be no Bantam “A” team this season.

As an association, we believe it’s about skill improvement, development, having a fun summer and obviously, at the end of the day, we would hope to be competitive. There are 18 kids left looking for a team to play on this season, and we are not interested in turning any one of those 18 kids away. We realize that 18 is not an ideal number, however, it has been done before and we belive the kids will still have an awesome season

– Doiron

The Following players are invited out to the first Bantam “AA” practice this Wednesday, 6pm Legends Field:

  1. Clark Allain
  2. Zachary Arsenault
  3. Carter Barlow
  4. Riley Crawford
  5. Cameron Durant
  6. Ty Ferguson
  7. Bennett Gallant
  8. Samuel Gallant
  9. Ben Gaudet
  10. Maddix Hamilton
  11. Finally Mahar
  12. Connor Murphy
  13. Ethan OKeefe
  14. Brayden Pike
  15. Ethan Skevington
  16. Carson Thibideau
  17. Joshua Upshall
  18. Clarke Wood

If you are no longer interested in playing this season, please contact Head Coach Mike D’Agostino at

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