Media Release: Summerside Area Baseball Association Introduces Newly Branded “Township Chevys” Hat for Members


Summerside, PEI – April 7, 2024 – The Summerside Area Baseball Association (SABA) is proud to announce an exciting addition to its offerings for the upcoming 2024 baseball season. In collaboration with its esteemed title sponsor, Township Chevrolet in Summerside, SABA will be providing its valued members with a newly rebranded UnderArmour “Township Chevys” hat, included with their registration.

President of the Summerside Area Baseball Association, Nick Hann, expressed his enthusiasm for this initiative, highlighting the benefits of having Township Chevrolet as a supportive partner. “We at SABA take immense pride in our association and its members, as well as the appearance of our teams on the field. Thanks to our partnership with Township Chevrolet, we’re able to offer this special perk to our members.”

Hann emphasized the importance of unity and equality within the association, stating, “Whether you’re a Chevy playing at the 9U level or representing us in the 18U division, we believe in uniformity and equality in appearance across all levels of play.”

Recognizing the financial challenges faced by families involved in youth sports, SABA has taken proactive steps to alleviate some of the financial burdens. “We understand the costs associated with registrations and equipment, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that every member, from the youngest players starting at the 9U level to our experienced coaches, will receive a free hat with their registration this season,” Hann explained.

The partnership between SABA and Township Chevrolet extends beyond providing equipment; it reflects a commitment to ensuring all youth have access to the resources needed to enjoy the game of baseball and be a part of a team. “We aim to minimize any barriers that may hinder youth from participating in organized sport,” stated Hann. “We want every kid to have the opportunity to experience the joy of playing baseball.”

The introduction of the newly branded Township Chevys hats reinforces a sense of unity and pride among SABA members. “It’s about more than just the game; it’s about belonging to a community and representing it with pride,” said Hann. “These hats symbolize our brand and commitment to each member and team within our association.”

All SABA teams will proudly sport their newly branded Township Chevys hats on opening day, showcasing their affiliation with both SABA and Township Chevrolet.

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