Chevys “A” Identification Sessions

SUMMERSIDE, PE – In order to organize its “A” level teams for the 2022 season, the SABA Board of Directors is announcing the following Identification sessions that will be run as practices and give coaches the opportunity to see all players before teams are split up in the divisions where more than one team is required due to numbers.

  • 15U “A” ID Session: The 15U “A” Chevys Team Rosters for the 2022 season have been set. Coaches will communicate with players for their next practice time.

Team 1 – Doucette/Rogers

Colin waddell
Zander Rogers
Dawsyn MacAusland
Jaylyn Rogers
Kamden geldart 
Alexis Evan’s 
Kaleb Dodds
Reid Warrick
Riley MacAusland 
Ian Jones
Koen Costain

Team 2 – Arsenault 

Andrew brown 
Rowan Desroches
Zack Hern
Jett Doiron
Connor Martin
Jack MacDonald
Clay Gallant
Morgan Macpherson
Noah Clow
Gavin O’Keefe

  • 13U “A” ID Session: No ID session is required for this level as there will only be one “A” team. The team roster can be found HERE. The first scheduled practice is Saturday, June 4th at 11:00 AM at Lions Club Field.
  • 11U “AA” Minor / 11U “A” ID Session: The Identification session for 11U will be held this Thursday, June 2nd at 6:00 PM at Lions Club Field.

9U ID Session: The 9U Chevys Team Rosters for the 2022 season have been set. Team practices will begin next week using the following field times:

Thursday: 5:30pm Team Vincent (Greenfield), 6:45pm Team Wright (Greenfield), 5:30pm Team Arsenault (Lions Club), 6:45pm Team Hann (Lions Club).
Friday: 5:30pm Team Gallant (Lions Club), 6:45pm Team Marchbank (Lions Club).

2022 Team Rosters:

Team Arsenault

1- Cameron Arsenault

2- Wesley Bridges

3- Chloe Butler

4- Janessa Butler

5- Crimson Craig

6-  Xander Halupa

7- Donovan Heckkner

8- Dorian La Rose-Blais

9- Tyson MacDougall

10- Jackson Pauptit

Team Marchbank

1- Xander Adams

2- Isaac Arsenault

3- Libby Arsenault

4- Mila Arsenault

5- Noah Arsenault

6- Jack Butler

7- Nate Hashie

8- Easton Hustler

9- Cohen Lyle

10- Deandre Uloho

Team Gallant

1- Jack Arsenault

2- Dominic Bernard

3- Aria Cameron

4- Sameul Cote

5- Charlie DesRoches

6- Alec Gallant

7- Jack MacDonald

8- Walker Praught

9- Jayden Wagner

Team Hann

1- Graham Carlile

2- Oliver DesRoches-Ross

3- Grayden Gallant

4- Knox Hann

5- Finley Hoffert

6- Patrick Lam

7- Leo LeClair

8- McGuire Perry

9- Connor Sharkey

Team Wright / Costain

1- Zakkary Ashley 

2- Logan Dickson

3- Jayden Gallant-Costain

4- Cohen Greencorn

5- Tony Gu

6- Conrad Martin

7- Camdyn Simmons

8- Jase Suyom

9- William Wright

10- Nathan Yeo

Team Vincent

1- Payten Alley

2- Rhys Buckley

3- Curtis Coughlin

4- Morrison Lynch

5- Jack McAvinn

6- Bryce Noonan

7- Ember Shea

8- Jacob Vincent

9- Marek Zhang


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